The Last Summer, Vol. 2

by Catholic Radio

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released July 6, 2015

All songs written, performed, and produced by Catholic Radio (L.P. Moore, C. Moore, T. Moore, R. Mills). Lyrics by L. Parker Moore. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonah Strauss at Shipwreck Studio in Oakland. Cover art designed by Tyler Moore.



all rights reserved


Catholic Radio Oakland, California

Catholic Radio’s sound is anthemic, melodic indie rock with textural prog and psych moments. Three brothers, originally from Tulsa, OK plus a bass playing Guftavsen.

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Track Name: Year of the Hanged Man
Nowhere driving late
Far ahead a blur of light
All this passing through
Histories and lookalikes combine
Muse and artist from upstate
Weigh stop for the pros who rule the night
Hours in review
The slowest moving metaphors collide
The sound of steel

Carefully trace the seams
Cosmic tales of grand disguise
Patiently save the pyro kissing
For the luxe surprise
A simple parlor trick in master hands
Cues the blood rush to the eyes
And the ground starts falling

Should have guessed
Run from love
Conned by the rainmaker

King of the dirt
Head full of dust
Crown is eaten up by rust

Should have guessed
Run from love
Kicked in the gut
But never, ever gonna give it up

Should have guessed there never was a plan
In the year of the hanged man
Track Name: Silver Kid
Some call it an honor to win
Second in show
There could have been better days
Sunset in the dust bowl
Instead of a sequin-studded chump to Daddy-O
No King of the Western Swing
Is pulling spades in a row
Gun for the Silver Kid
He’s riding alone
Shame shame
Blood is spilling
Rolled by the stone

He’s deep in the valley playing with demons
Pair of six guns ready, plans to settle the score
Delusions of Ella mock him when drinking
So he stomped her life out into the floor
I heard the Silver Kid
Ripped through his home
Shame shame
The blood he’s spilling
He’s rolled by the stone

Born under a bad sign
He’s the dark star of hollywood and vine
They let the Kid ride again
Cause Bonzo needed another friend

Blind by the limelight
Song about how to live before we die
Became his epitaph
When she pulled the curtain
Track Name: In the Sun
We fall out to get away
We collapse to stay
We turn attention to the chosen ones
We separate until it’s done

Never know if it’s under control
Less to see
Agonizing over loose convictions
Is ecstasy
We are the ones that live to hide
Send it to you in the sun

Reaching for the right thing to say
Fly off the rails
Miles and miles of the abandoned
The next movement has begun

The only message in the conversation
Space to be
Distant heartaches and dazed companions
Endless controversies
So in the meantime when you look to the sky
Send it to you in the sun
Track Name: Come Apart
Stuck reliving the ways I’ve taken the fable to heart
Come down to liberties wasted away
Memorized apology but unable to start
Lost in a luxury delay
Of some other life
Some kind of lunacy
A bigger hypocrisy
Checking for vital signs on the vine
Hear it beating far off, hazy, undefined
Note the hour, wind down the time
Feeling it’s so hard, laying it on the line
Never wanted to choose this state of mind

Easy to see an eye for an eye
So much more with the knives pulled out
Keeping it real, a lie for a lie
So much more than simple doubt
A secret so divine
It’s temporary
Come apart at the head
Track Name: Rain is Done
After all apologies are analyzed
Genuine surprise in your eyes
Echoes of the combinations never seen
It’s a rush, you’re a crush
Disconnected changes, who’s collecting time?
Listen to the whitespace as we improvise
Only we decide, we decide

You can tear apart history
Color and diffuse with mystic harmonies
If you stir the pot, keep it low and never stop
Until the rain is gone, yeah the rain is done

After all apologies are analyzed
Only we decide, we decide
Track Name: Incomparable
Another minute or a year to go
I'm still waiting
All my angels and their friends had flown
For new believing
Well I know the sweetest kill
Comes from nothing
If I do half the things I've left undone
I’d spend lifetimes lost without a trace

The seas will rise, your eyes remain incomparable

New moon traveling
From the keep where I belong
In the darkness we’ll reach the answers
True elegance
Silent footsteps on the road
No more writing on this house of paper

The seas will rise, your eyes remain incomparable

Is there reason if it’s taken hold?
It’s a blind reflex
Are these just warmed up dreams, cooked up long ago?
Prized confessions
Or is this junky curiosity?
Calloused, dry, and hungry
Rolling waves of convalescence
Sail toward the rocks and wash it all away

New moon traveling
From the keep where I belong
In the darkness we’ll reach the answers
True elegance
Silent footsteps on the road
No more writing on this house of paper